22 Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding

Brides and Grooms-to-be, we know planning a wedding can be quite a stressful experience for some couples. But do you want to stay stress on the big day? We bet you don’t want to. So here we give you 22 tips to make sure you enjoy your beautiful wedding.

  1. Go to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be at your best.
    For this reason, it’s wise to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties at least a week ahead of time.
  1. Do some little exercise in the morning.
    The entire celebration day, from the preparation on to the after party, will take lots and lots of energy. So you’d better get some exercise such as jogging or yoga in the morning to ensure your body is in its best condition. It’s also good to do some light stretching to release tension and get your blood flowing smoothly so that you don’t — gasp — pass out before walking down the aisle. Prevention has always been the best, right? J
  1. Have some nutritious breakfast and lunch.
    As stated on point 2, you’re gonna need lots of energy to enjoy the entire celebration. So, having a decent and nutritious breakfast and lunch is a must. Usually, during the bridal preparation, the bride will be busy with the makeup and hairdo ritual, putting on gown, photo & video session, and greeting friends & families who come to your room. Having a simple yet high in protein and carbs meal such as sandwich and orange juice will keep you going until the cocktail hour or dinner time arrives.
  1. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
    The common bride preparation time is 2.5 hours – 3 hours. This will give you enough time to chill out with your bridesmaids, have a quick lunch, have your makeup and hairdo done as your expectation, and have some beauty shots.
  1. Wear a dress shirt while having your makeup & hairdo done.
    Brides often wear T-shirts that have to be pulled over their freshly coiffed hair and makeup at the end. Dress shirts or bath robes, however, can be unbuttoned without doing any damage to your beautifully done hair and makeup.
  1. If you bought new shoes for the big day, be sure to break them in ahead of time.
    Otherwise, you’re reliable to feel awkward in them and have sore feet. If you will be having a garden wedding and would like to wear a high heel, I would recommend you to wear an anti-slip shoes and heel stopper.
  1. Don’t forget to use cologne and perfume.
    But don’t get too much. 😉
  1. Hire a professional wedding planner and coordinator.
    This is actually the key to have an enjoyable and stress free wedding. J Having a professional and experienced wedding coordinator will save you from any unwanted dramas and let you enjoy every beat of the day conveniently. So for these benefits, trust your coordinator to run the event smoothly.
  1. Don’t forget “wedding survival kit”.
    A typical one includes a first aid kit, tampons, a tide-to-go stain remover pen, and anything else that might fix a minor emergency.
  1. Put your phone away.
    This is a moment of a lifetime, so let’s forget all other things happening out of the venue.
  1. Stop to take it all in during the ceremony.
    Ask your officiant to include a “deep breath” moment so you can look over the audience, gaze at your spouse, and burn the memory into your brain.
  1. Have some group photo and for sure, bride & groom photo session.
    It is best to prepare a list of group photo and have someone in charge to call out the names of the people on the list to ensure the group photo session will run efficiently and effectively, so you won’t miss the golden sunset hour time (if your ceremony time is at 4.30 or 5 pm). If you have any photo references or special request of things that have to be captured by the photographers and/or videographers, you’d better communicate these to your photo and videographers and send them your references in advance.
  1. Surprise your guests, but not the coordinator and related vendors.
    It is applicable if you want to give some surprise gifts or performances to your parents or friends. By telling your wedding coordinator and related vendors (e.g. photographers, videographers, band or DJ) of the surprise you will give and the time frame or cue in advance, things will be well-managed, the photographers and videographers will have some time to get their cameras ready and take the right position to take this particular moment, and the DJ or band will be ready with the appropriate back sound. J
  1. Make a five-minute dinner date.
    Taking the time to enjoy a full meal is almost impossible with so many guests clamoring for your attention, but a five-minute dinner date — where you grab a few bites and enjoy your new spouse’s company — is more manageable. If 5 minutes is too much, get your food to go.
  1. Be magnanimous.
    Greet everyone with a smile even if it’s your cousin whom you haven’t spoken to in a couple years because she said that thing (you know what I’m talking about). No one likes an angry bride, and you won’t like being one either.
  1. Stay poised during the bridesmaids and groomsmen speeches.
    If something inappropriate is said, it’s best to let it pass without having a big reaction. Many people will have missed it, but they won’t miss you screaming at the best man.
  1. Give a thank you speech with your spouse.
    It’ll feel good to thank your parents, grandparents, and guests (especially those who have traveled great distances) for making such a momentous occasion in your life possible.
  1. Be careful with alcohol.
    This is a day you’ll want to remember clearly for the rest of your life, so make sure you don’t drink too much. One tip is to drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic drink.
  1. Pack flats for the reception.
    Slippers with straps look great with a wedding dress, so bring a pair to put on when you want to cut loose.
  1. Have a moment with each of your parents.
    Brides dance with their fathers and grooms dance with their mothers, but there’s no moment on the schedule for your other parent. Make one.
  1. Give the band or DJ the list of songs you want to hear.
    Most wedding bands have their songs repertoire, so you can choose from their list or provide them a list of your favorite songs. DJs nowadays also have a very wide range of music in their music library so you can either let them know your favorite music genres or songs, or either give them a flash disk contains all your favorite songs in. But most of all, be sure you dance. J
  1. Remember why you’re there.
    Amid all of the fun and celebration be sure to take a moment to look over at the person you’re pledging your life to and reflect on the incredible journey that lies ahead of you both.

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